Monday, 31 January 2011

Review #1: British Sea Power-Valhalla Dancehall

I think it's quite clear that when a band releases a phenomenal album, then the follow up doesn't usually match up to the previous standard. Whether it's that they try too hard to repeat their former success, or that they know they will never reach that height again I don't know... But this is definitely the case for British Sea Power. 'Do you like rock music?' was so ground breaking for the relatively unknown band the follow up (Man Of Aran) wasn't never going to reach the same heights.
However, they've given it a great shot on their fifth outing.  'Who's In Control' and 'Georgie Ray' really capture what was so great about their sound, using great guitar riffs and the array of instruments that are actually included in the album. But, 'Living Is So Easy' and other tracks like it, really show the change the band has made over the two years, but I'm not entirely sure this works for them. Their harder hitting songs seem to work better as an overall than their newer style of slow moving tracks, such as that of 'Baby'. I don't believe that their style of vocals works on this kind of song, resulting in a less entertaining bout of music.But all in all, its a pretty good attempt at a rock record, trying to take a new angle on things.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Umm... Hello!

Hello. This is basically going to be a blog where i review music that has been released recently. I will review all types of music and hope to do at least one a week. So yeah... Hope you enjoy!