Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review #68: The Feeling - Together We Were Made

If I am to be completely and utterly honest, and am not to tell any shape or form of a lie, as much as I like 'The Feeling', 'Together We Were Made' is actually shit. It sounds like they have decided to to take the piss out of themselves, by creating a parody album. Of themselves.
Their lyrics they produced before weren't exactly Shakespeare, but now they sound like they played 'Yahtzee' and have written down the opposite of what the dice might have said if they could spell. Or were they just playing Klingon 'Boggle'?
Whatever board game it was, it certainly was not 'Scrabble'!
You give credit where credit is due, but with lyrics like 'So build a home/Put pictures on the wall/Choose a colour for the door/And let me in', something tells me credit is not due.
They have added in techno beats and slightly less interesting guitar riffs than the attempts that appeared on their previous albums, which immediately drags the album nearer the 'Pile of Poppycock', and by the time track eight ('Mr.Grin') was reached the band had securely positioned a place there.
Perhaps it's the added vocals of 'Sophie Ellis-Bextor' which brings the album to become the catastrophe it is, after her recent album was also a complete shambles. However, the song she appears in is one of the better tracks! Maybe 'The Feeling' have just formed into a crap band like many others before them. Whatever it is, it is safe to say 'Together We Were Made' is one of the worst albums of 2011.

Best Tracks (At A Push): 'Leave Me Out Of It', 'Build A Home', 'Say No'.


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