Saturday, 2 July 2011

Review #52: All Time Low - Dirty Work

I have two main problems with 'All Time Low'. The first is their needless, and unnecessary use of power chords on every song. The second is their shambolic, pointless, and tiring lyrics.
Let's start with the power chords.
Why? Power chords are the cheap way out of playing guitar properly and it doesn't even sound good! 'Panic! At The Disco' are about the only band who manage to pull off power chords well. It just sounds like some pointless repetitive note/sequence. It feels like someone is continuously hitting you on the head with a blunt instrument whilst singing futile lyrics at you. Which leads me onto their lyrics. (Like what i did there?).
Anyone that thinks 'I Feel Like Dancin' Tonight/ I'm Gonna' Party Like It's My Civil Right' are good lyrics, really need to take a look at their life, listen to 'Coldplay' and realise that their life has been wasted on meaningless pap thus far .
'Put Her Tongue All Up In My Ear/ Almost Made Me Spill My Beer'. Not only is this boasting, but it is also unlikely to have happened as no one is that outgoing are they? Especially to a man who sings 'I Think Some Dude Just Grabbed My Junk/ Now I Know How Ke$ha Must Be Feelin'. So first he boasts about a girl passing her tongue over his ear, to a man grabbing what I presume to be his dangley bits, and then comparing himself to his lyrically equal compare Ke$ha, because she may have experienced this before. If he does mean penis, then he is being very immature and suggesting that Ke$ha also has one, which is quite unkind.
I think these guys need to cool off, learn the instruments they claim to play properly, realise they aren't as wondrous as they think they are, and sing about things that actually matter.
Yeah, in case you hadn't already guessed. It's shit.

Best Tracks: None. Especially not 'I Feel Like Dancin'


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  1. They are just young guys having fun, they have the rest of their lives to start making serious music...idiot.

  2. This is their 4th album, they should have grown up by now, and I never said music has to be serious. It just shouldn't be rubbish.

  3. this review is honestly retarded, focusing entirely on one song (I feel like dancin) which was noted as being a joke song (by the band themselves!) making fun of songs that sound like it, which includes the lyrics being a joke. It shouldn't be taken at face value. Secondly, All Time Low's use of power chords on Dirty Work was greatly reduced from prior albums, the only notable use is on the song "Heroes". You also reference their inability to play their instruments in a competent manner. As a musician i can tell you that playing along to all time lows songs has gotten progressively difficult as their musical abilities have grown. Their riffs, melodies, and song structures are much more complex than they have ever been. Your review is so beyond biased and poorly written I felt stupid after reading it. Comparing All Time Low to Coldplay, different genres, different styles, different images, different MUSIC, just proves that you have no qualifications to be writing music reviews.

  4. Well... I've found a few places saying it's a joke of a song, but nothing really substantial saying the song is meant as a joke. And it's not funny anyway.
    Secondly, It doesn't sound reduced to me. But if it is, then are they just learning guitar as they get older. Not very impressive!
    I am also a musician, and I can assure you, it is not hard to play their songs. In fact it is very very easy, and if this is considered more complex, than before they must have been playing single notes, which they weren't so it's just the same.
    Also, how is my review biased? Biased towards what? And why on Earth did you feel stupid? That doesn't even make sense!
    Finally, maybe Coldplay was a stupid example. But there you are saying that they are different 'MUSIC'. Every song by every band is different 'MUSIC' so you're suggesting that no music can ever be compared. Good one.

  5. Their 4th album, they are still young doesn't matter how many albums they have had ! Lighten up !

  6. I am light :) see! I put a smiley! And they aren't that young. They aren't Hansen. I'm 17! I'm the young one!
    I review music as I hear it. Not any other factor.

  7. I agree with the Anonymous user who started with "this review is honestly retarded..."
    ATL are awesome!