Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review #61: WU LYF - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

'WU LYF' wouldn't work as singles. I don't think 'WU LYF' would work particularly well live either. However, as an album, they work tremendously. Their sounds seems to gel with the idea of an LP, and I respect that they have clearly put their upmost effort into releasing an album that not only defines who they are as a band, but defines their genre too.
There's no doubt about it; The vocals are raspy. But not in a 'Louie Armstrong' way. It's more of a way that a finger can't quite be placed upon. It looks at music from a different way. Like a side on viewpoint. It mixes what music is completely about with what it isn't about. The choral voices, the awful diction. It's the feelings the sound sends though you, is what 'WU LYF' are all about. They take what you see as music, and put it through their eyes. It is very easy to just get locked up inside 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain', much like 'Glasvegas' 'EUPHORIC///HEARTBREAK\\\'.
It's not an album you will listen to often. It is as if it has such an effect on you, that you almost want to stop yourself from listening again due to the fact that you could have a completely different viewpoint on it by the end of another listen, but you also want to try again incase you come out with a completely different viewpoint. It's relaxing yet exhilarating. It's hard work yet simple.
In essence; It's everything.

Best Tracks: 'L Y F', 'We Bros', 'Spitting Blood'


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  1. Does any critic realize that their name is an acronym and is therefore actually 'WU LYF,' not 'Wu Lyf?' It stands for 'World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation.'

  2. I will change it now then. Thank you