Sunday, 9 October 2011

Review #75: Skying - The Horrors

When I look at 'The Horrors', I see a band who could easily just be described as music. Just like a pizza is a pizza, 'The Horrors' are music. In my opinion, they define the whole industry. It's their dreamy vocals, and thumping drum beats which put them in the highest of places.
Take 'I Can See Through You'. They don't try anything fancy, they don't purposely try to be different, they clearly play what comes naturally to them. It's different. Most definitely, there is no other band who manage to create such a dreamy, melodic, sound which sits in your ears like some sort of magical, ear elf.
Plus. The word 'Skying' is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Best Tracks: 'Changing Rain', 'I Can See Through You', 'Oceans Burning'


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