Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Review #2: White Lies-Ritual

After storming their first album, many people expected better from the London trio on their return. 'Ritual' was what they came up with, which differs a lot from their debut. It is clear to see how the band has matured over the two years, just due to the effect the album leaves on you. 'To Loose My Life' was a very grim album, yet it created a huge buzz in the music world, with references to Joy Division and Editors flying everywhere.
But Ritual really takes a new perspective for them. The lyrics are just as thought provoking as they were from their predecessor but the music is almost slightly happier. 'Bigger Than Us' is a huge number and is one of the few tracks on 'Ritual' that could have come out of their debut. 'You took the tunnel road home, you've never taken that way with me before' is very much a lyric that would have been quite happy in 'To Loose My Life' but others such as 'Whoever taught you to scream like that' are surprisingly different from anything on their first. But in a way this doesn't change much about them as a band. They are still dubbed as the 'Death Rockers' and this will probably never change, but I can't help thinking they may regret their early work in years to come.


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