Friday, 4 February 2011

Review #4: Funeral Party-The Golden Age Of Knowhere

I was expecting a lot from Funeral Party. After I heard 'Giant' I was really looking forward the albums release. But that excitement was never fully met. It may be due to them being over hyped or that they just aren't that good, but something didn't happen.
 It's not that it's a bad album, It's actually a rather good attempt but it seems as if they are holding something back. I find the major problem with Funeral Party to be that it seems as if their lyrics don't mean anything. They seem very bland and unimaginative, which is odd as their music is quite intense.
On the other hand, the vocals are great on the record. Chad Elliot reportedly had to record the tracks a few times, as he was never fully happy with the finished product and it seems that this was a good decision from the frontman.
But despite some slight hitches, and my over excitement, it's not a bad album at all.

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