Friday, 5 August 2011

Review #62: Is Tropical - Native To

It's all very straightforward. It's not so much in your face, but rather sitting nicely opposite you, asking if you want some tea, or if would would like them to turn 'MGMT' up, because they haven't quite used them enough as an influence in their new record yet.
I did actually enjoy the album, I just felt that I had heard it all before. This gamey-electronic kind of music needs something fresh added into it. It's missing that bit of flavour. It's all well and done using a verb and an adjective to make up your band name, but you need some substance behind that. It's almost as if they should be called 'Was Exotic (But Then We Made Music)'.
Okay. I'll stop having a go. All I ask, is for 'Is Tropical' to add some basil or cumin to their music, because at the moment; It is bland at best.

Best Tracks: 'South Pacific', 'I'll Take My Chances', 'Think We're Alone'


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