Monday, 8 August 2011

Review #63: Destroyer - Kaputt

Let's pretend for a moment that you are in space. No spacesuit. No air. Just floating through the preverbal near vacuum. Just don't think about anything. A completely clear mind. Forget everything.
'Destroyer' seems to me like the beginning of life. The dual vocals, and the relaxed atmosphere really bring 'Kaputt' to life. It feels so relaxed that the trumpets and saxophones act almost as a new age lullaby, but in a good way.
The record relaxes your muscles. It calms your nerves. It is just generally a feel good LP.
I'm sure there are many bands about that sound just like this, but it is the blend of light jazz and fading electronica that sets 'Destroyer' apart from anything I have heard, or will hear for that matter.
It would be fair to say that 'Kaputt' is not only individual, but an illustrious work of art!

Best Tracks: 'Chinatown', 'Song For America', 'Bay Of Pigs'


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