Sunday, 31 July 2011

Vanguard #7: The Cheek

Grab your trench coat! We're gonna see 'The Cheek' because they are brilliant.
Their guitar licks and bashing drums set fire to anything really. Even non-flammable items.
Hang on. I'll slow down.
'The Cheek' are essentially an indie band, who find it hard to be average. They push boundaries and they sound very 60's, which almost suggests that they are trying to recreate the building blocks modern day pop and indie were formed on. That's not bad though. Someone has to reinforce what hasbeen forgotten, if not replace it intirely.
Being truthful, I really believe that 'The Cheek' have these capabilities. They are just a bit slow at doing so...

'Hung Up'
'Just One Night'

Vanguard Excitement: 7/10

Next Sunday's Vanguard: Barry

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