Thursday, 1 September 2011

Review #66: Patrick Wolf - Lupercalia

'Lupercalia' for me, is just an album. It doesn't advance Patrick in any way, it just rectifies where he went wrong on 'The Bachelor'. It is almost a new beginning. As always there are hidden messages in what he is singing about, but for me it's the shiny outer shell that 'Lupercalia' possesses that brightens my view of  the Londoner.
Yes, his previous albums are good, very good in fact, however this latest outing almost seems like he is hatching from a new egg and taking his music to an area where he hasn't ventured before. But, being the adventurer he is, he seems to have perfected switching between genres as if he was 16th century Sir Francis Drake encountering new lands.
It really shows how good music can be when someone lets their heart pave the way for their music, and not being restricted by their fans!

Best Tracks: 'The City', 'The Future', 'Together'.


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