Friday, 2 September 2011

Review #67: Dananananaykroyd - There Is A Way

Some music is just too serious. It puts a grimace on your face and gives you a surly attitude for at least 10 minutes. Some people merely acknowledge the musicality the said band has, and gets on with his/her life. Others think about what they have just heard and try to relate it to their lives and perhaps let it reflect on their lives. However, there is a third kind, who suck up all the dread and anguish that seethes out of an album so glum that it could have been a page ripped out of Kerry Katona's handbook for rearing children.
They sit there for hours thinking about how bad their life is, with the one reconciling memento being that at least someone else was feeling worse than they were due to the fact that they felt the need to write an album about it.
I fall under this third category.
But, on the other hand 'Dananananaykroyd' don't really do serious. It's not in their thesaurus. They sort of just... Shout?
They are a confusing bunch of characters. Wearing a tracksuit whilst playing indie riffs, shouting and screaming, isn't your everyday mixture. But they seem to make it work.
'There Is A Way' is definitely a step up from 'Hey Everyone'. They take their shouting to a level of maturity, if that makes any sense. They don't faff about with lyrics. They hit the nail on the head. 'E-Numbers' and 'Muscle Memory' are fine examples of how the band have matured. Still essentially 'Dananananaykroyd' yet it is this new developed version of the group which stretches your imagination and their achievements, creating a fine example of a record which is really rather mental.

Best Tracks: 'Muscle Memory', 'Time Capsule', 'Apostrophe'.


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