Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Review #70: Foster The People - Torches

It's all well and good having 'Pumped Up Kicks' on an album. Because, after all, it is a darn good song. However the rest of the album just doesn't really cut it.
What 'Foster The People' are doing just isn't fresh enough. They just seem so subdued. 'Torches' is as if you are being led away by the music, finally thinking that it is taking you to a special place, and then the track stops. It just rolls the tracks on and on. All sounding so familiar that it would be hard to tell the songs apart without a good read of the track listings, and quite a few independent listens to the album.
Maybe I am being to harsh. 'Foster The People' have a good sound. It's refreshing and mellow, and they have broken to places indie bands have found hard in recent years. I just feel they could have put more effort into the album. It doesn't feel complete.

Best Tracks: 'Waste', 'Houdini', 'Miss You'.


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