Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Review #21: Glasvegas - EUPHORIC///HEARTBREAK\\\

This is beauty in music.
This album had such an affect on me it is unbelievable. I sat in silence for an hour afterwards, not even moving. The lyrics (when you can understand them) are truly enchanting. 'Heartbreak, I'm not holding your hand anymore, Why cant you understand?'. Anyone who can write words like that deserves some sort of award. James Allen's voice, albeit impossible to understand, has something mystical about it.
The best track on the album is 'Dream Dream Dreaming'. The transition into it from 'Stronger Than Dirt' is wonderfully archaic compared to the rest of the album. 'There will be no holding back, now I'll tell you a feeling, Tonight when I see you, When I'm dream dream dreaming'. James Allen said in a recent interview that the album is 'Like A Dream', and I am very strongly inclined to agree with him.
The Irony of 'Euphoria, Take My Hand' and the lyrical genius of 'The World Is Yours' are the other highlights of the album.
But despite all this. It was the final words of the record that hit the hardest. James' mother telling his son 'But before you change for me, Change for you'. I think it is clear to see that Glasvegas have created one of the best albums of this decade at least, and this should get the recognition it deserves. Beautiful.


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