Saturday, 14 May 2011

Review #25: Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting

Post-dubstep seems to be having the effect dubstep had on lazy people. 'Jamie woon', like 'James Blake', has really taken the new style with both hands, and songs like 'Lady Luck' could perhaps be some of the best the genre will ever see.
'Mirrorwriting' is a wonderful piece of work, which was a huge surprise, as I saw Jamie supporting 'La Roux' last year, and I wasn't impressed. Perhaps the genre doesn't work live, or that he has really improved in the meantime, but this really impressed me.
One of my favorite elements of his work are the lyrics. 'Walked when I shoulda ran. Ran when I shoulda walked.' are brilliantly simple, yet effective, which is the element that the whole album radiates.


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