Thursday, 19 May 2011

Review #27: The Wombats - This Modern Glitch

So. I have been waiting, what? 3 years for this? Good job its amazing isn't it!
Matthew Murphy can write a song. He can write many. Each as good as the rest. Which is exactly what album number two shows for the Liverpudlians/Norwegian.
'This Modern Glitch' is made of 10 tracks that are probably some of the catchiest songs you will ever hear. Each track could easily have been a charting single, and the genius of 'Murph's' synth riffs astound me.
'I'm a man of simple taste no whiskey or caviar' and 'Take me as I am, or not at all'. The lyrics easily compare to that of the 'Arctic Monkeys', with every word being magical.
The only problem with the album is that there are only 10 songs!


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