Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Review #29: Airborne Toxic Event - All At Once

Another one for the landfill site? I think so!
This has absolutely nothing on their stunning debut. 'The Airborne Toxic Event' is one of my favorite unsung albums, and I still regularly listen to it two years after its release.
'All At Once' on the other hand is not very good at all. His slightly out of tune voice in the first record was beautiful. It is what I felt made the record that much better. However, on their second outing his voice seems to have got more out of tune and it really doesn't work. He still has a distinctive voice, but not for a good reason anymore.
It seems that the best songs on the album are those that are either very similar to the tracks on their first record or the numbers that are very different like 'Welcome To Your Wedding Day'. The majority of the album, however, seems as if they have created a record whilst they have become stuck half way through 'Changing' into their new selves as their song suggests. Or maybe this is what they were going for, and the song 'Half Of Something Else' describes this.
I cannot say I would recommend this to anyone. Go listen to their debut.

Best Tracks: 'All For A Woman', 'Welcome To Your Wedding Day', 'Half Of Something Else'


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