Sunday, 31 July 2011

Review #60: White Denim - D

Mind. Blown.
It takes a strong willed man to experiment properly with music. It takes and even stronger one to do what 'White Denim' have accomplished. This isn't just some mess the Texas foursome has created. It's a controlled mess.
Think of the album as a piece of ripped cloth. It still has its jagged edges, and off centre feel. However, it feels trimmed, and as if it has been placed off centre on purpose. It is difficult to succeed in creating such a perfectly freakish record, without sounding insane, or having people shove their noses up at you, claiming you're a cynical band. But they have captured that essence needed and bottled it into a perfectly commercial jar of experimental jam.
It has taken a while for 'White Denim to reach this stage in their careers, but it was well worth the wait!

Best Tracks: 'It's Him!', 'River To Consider', 'Is And Is And Is'


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