Sunday, 3 July 2011

Vanguard #3: Pegasus Bridge

I have just heard that Pegasus Bridge have broken up. My condolences to them, and this review should be read as if they were still together.

'Pegasus Bridge' drink coffee not just Ribena. And I like it, who cares if they like it.
With blaring synth riffs flying everywhere as if they are in abundance, and 'Pegasus Bridge have an unlimited supply, and the impeccable playing really sets them far from other bands who also may or may not drink coffee.
'Ribena' is amazing. The chord sequence sends shivers down my spine, and indie doesn't usually do this to me. It's one of those tracks where the lyrics aren't all grown-up and mature, yet you can still tell that there is a deep meaning and the balance between the music and words is perfect. My only wonder is that 'Pegasus Bridge' could be a one hit wonder with 'Ribena'.
But then I heard 'Yoko'. It is just as inventive, it is just as imaginative, and it is just as brilliant.
They may have just released their debut album, but their future looks brighter than anything.

Vanguard Excitement: 8/10

Next Weeks Vanguard: Two Wounded Birds

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