Monday, 4 July 2011

Review #53: Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

I have never enjoyed screaming in music before. 'Dananananaykroyd' is about my limit, and that is just shouting. But 'Fucked Up' aren't your average hardcore band. They have substance. There is something about them that lightens you to their musical ability.
But what makes it even better. Is purely the fact it is a rock opera. I really respect bands that are brave enough to record a rock opera. 'The Decemberists' made 'The Hazards Of Love' and now 'Fucked Up' have made 'David Comes To Life'. It shows real commitment to their music to be able to create a rock opera.
Perhaps my favorite element of the album isn't the indie riffs, or the breath taking drumming. It is the vocals. The mix between the male and female characters is perfect and it really epitomizes the album.
It seems like 'Fucked Up' cannot put a foot wrong!

Best Tracks: It's a rock opera. Get it all you cheap skate!


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