Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Review #35: Twin Atlantic - Free

I was really impressed with the Scottish four-piece's first LP, but for me this follow up, just does not cut it.
Its not as vibrant as 'Vivarium'. It doesn't possess the energy and vigor that they managed to express originally. 'Free' doesn't seem like something I would tell people about. I would much rather direct them to 'Twin Atlantic's debut.
Despite of this, I believe that they will gain greater success from 'Free' as it seems more commercial than their previous attempt. It will perhaps lift up their popularity, and they will start filling bigger venues, and then arenas, and headlining festivals, and generally taking over the world... But back on Earth, this album is no more than average really.

Best Tracks: 'Free', 'Crash Land', 'Eight Days'


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