Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Review #46: Cults - Cults

If 'Cults' were a band, they would probably be the best band in the world. Oh wait. They are a band! There was me thinking they were Gods.
This is such a fine debut from the New York pair. The glistening vocals and tremendous musicianship can be seen clearly on 'Cults'. 'Abducted' is such a brilliant start to the album, showcasing 'Cults' ability to make an indie track that sounds so refreshing in new. To me, they feel like a warm summer breeze brushing past your body. Not harsh enough so it is rammed in your face, but hard enough to let you know that they are there.
'Cults' have a bright, lightweight sound, which is exactly what the American music scene is missing. With British music taking 2011 with both hands, it is time for bands like 'Cults', to stand up, and show us that our overseas partners aren't just as quiet as we thought!

Best Tracks: 'You Know What I Mean', 'Oh My God', 'Never Saw The Point'


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