Monday, 20 June 2011

Review #45: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

I'm sorry, but I have many bones to pick with this 'Gaga' character. Firstly, why does she feel the need to add 'Gaga' into the majority of her songs. Take 'Judas' for example. 'Judas, Jude-ah-ahh-ahh, Judas, Gaga'. I mean, there are plenty of words that rhyme with 'ahh'. Baa, car, far, tar, par, la, ta-da to name just seven. Yet she still feels the need to state her name. Again. And Again. Plus! The lyrics 'Judas, Jude-ah-ahh-ahh, Judas, Gaga' aren't even mildly interesting or worthy of any merit in any way shape or form.
The second bone I am going to pick at, is that the array of songs on her second LP generally not being anywhere near as catchy as those of 'The Fame'. It seems that she only had a limited number of good songs/lyrics, and they all went into her debut. Gaga seems to be losing some of her eccentricity to a critical public. Her clothes aren't as shocking as they used to be. All her songs now sound the same leading them to becoming tedious and repetitive. As well as all her songs now sounding the same leading them to becoming tedious and repetitive.It also that she is slowly loosing the ability to speak. As I said with 'Judas', she is just using noises and her own name. Moreover, all her songs sound the same leading them to becoming tedious and repetitive.
The third and final ossified carbon branches that I am going to sift through, are her failed attempts to stretch out to other genres. 'Americano' is appallingly bad. I mean, what is she on about. It is just too far from her tree. She has lost sight of her melody tree, and ended up in Spain. 'Sheiße' is just as far in the other direction, this time in Germany, yet this has the plus side as I cannot understand a word she is saying. She does drag on a bit. You know she does...
But apart from that, I have no other worries. Just those few small things. Oh hang on. That's everything.

Best Tracks: 'Hair', 'Born This Way', 'Scheiße'


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