Sunday, 19 June 2011

Vanguard #1: Life In Film

'Life In Film' aren't like other bands. They are truly something special! Ever wondered what beauty sounds like? Ever wondered what a dream sounds like? If you have, then listen to Sam Fry's voice. It encapsulates you. As if you were just a puppet listening to his voice.
This is just added upon by the wonderful riffs that grace their tracks that aren't to dissimilar to that of 'Two Door Cinema Club'. It's a wonder why they haven't been signed, however this just adds to their magic and my excitement.
'The Idiot' shows how they can portray beauty in more way than one. The lyrics 'Life In Film' use are just as bewitching as Sam's voice. 'Love is wasted on you, and you don't have a clue' are such an engaging accumulation of words. 'Life In Film' astound me!
If they don't make it big, I will riot.

'The Idiot'

Vanguard Excitement: 9/10

Next Sunday's Vanguard: The Heartbreaks

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