Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Review #49: Le Butcherettes - Sin Sin Sin

Who are they again? Le Butcherettes? Well, they are very good.
I would say, that if 'Paramore' were a good band, then this is very much what they would sound like. With their in your face vocals, the in your face melodies, and the in your face drum beats. It is quite in your face.
Though this isn't a bad thing. Having this hard exterior means 'Le Butcherettes' can really display their strength through music. They get straight to the point with what they have to say and tracks such as 'I'm Getting Sick Of You' and 'All You See In Me Is Death' highlight this factor of their music. It is almost as if 'Le Butcherettes' have an element of surprise, yet you know exactly what is round the corner!

Best Tracks: 'Henry Don't Got Love', 'The Leibniz Language', 'I'm Getting Sick Of You'


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