Friday, 10 June 2011

Review #39: Austra - Feel It Break

Absolutely magical. You really cannot fault these Canadia's first LP. 'Feel It Break' is the beautiful combination of electronic master-riffs and the outstanding operatic voice of Katie Stelmanis!
I sound like I'm advertising it! Maybe I should be, it really is that good.
'Lose It' is such a simple yet mindbogglingly amazing! I really believe that this really is the height of electronic music. It astounds me as to how artists in this day and age can still create such fresh and delightful music. They have managed to take a genre, where everything was starting to sound the same, and put their own completely new take on it. It's hard to do that, and get it right, but 'Austra' have done it with complete brilliance.
Another tremendous element of 'Austra' would be that whatever their lyrics say manage to fill you with happiness. It takes some doing to get this feeling running through people. So, I would have to say that 'Austra', are basically, amazing!

Best Tracks: 'Lose It', 'The Choke', 'The Villain'.


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