Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review #42: Young Legionnaire - Crisis Works

There's something about 'Young Legionnaire'. They aren't your average angst band. The seem obliged to attempt to make you feel sorry for them, because they have turned to heavier genre than their original bands.
However, there is something oddly appealing about the music they create.
Angst music is usually the result of a bedroom bash from a group of snotty nosed, apathetic teenagers with nothing else to do with their endless amount of time.
So perhaps it's this more mature form of angst that makes the album work as it does. The added experience pushes 'Young Legionnaire' away from your average angry men, and adds the to the few deluxe angry men.

Best Tracks: 'Numbers', 'Chapter, Verse', 'Mortgage Rock'


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