Thursday, 9 June 2011

Review #38: Mona - Mona

I was really impressed with 'Mona's singles, 'Listen To Your Love' and 'Teenager'. So, after hearing people really slate this album, I was prepared to enter the listening process with a completely open mind, looking for a saving grace for the Americans.
But there wasn't one! There really isn't. To tell the truth... It is utter rubbish, if I'm being polite.
It seems as if 'Mona' have gotten ahead of themselves, thinking they were about to embark on a world arena tour, and created some blaring rock music to go with it. The only problems being that they aren't going on an arena tour, and it's not very good anyway. But other than that, brilliant album 'Mona'!

Best Tracks: 'Listen To Your Love', 'Teenager',  'Trouble On The Way'.


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  1. I think you got ahead of yourself....thinking people care about your blog....

  2. your a fucking idiot. so is this shitty blog.. over and out