Saturday, 11 June 2011

Review #41: Psychedelic Horseshit - Laced

I'll tell you what. 'Psychedelic Horseshit' sounds exactly like the name suggests.
It sounds like a multi-coloured horse turd making music, if a multi-coloured horse turd could make music.
It really does amaze me what people release these days as 'music'. On 'I Hate The Beach' he just starts coughing. I know musicians like to make their statement, but there is a fine line between making a statement and having a disease. Who ever got ill from going to the beach anyway? You would get scurvy if you didn't take fresh fruit with you, but that is only if you plan on staying longer than 4 months, and if you plan that, then your probably in 'Psychedelic Horseshit'! So I see the logic. But scurvy doesn't make you cough, it makes you feel like you have no energy and you bruise easily, like a banana. So, I still am clueless what 'I Hate The Beach' is on about. And the rest of the album...

Best Tracks: 'French Countryside', 'Laced', 'Another Side'


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