Friday, 10 June 2011

Review #40: Friendly Fires - Pala

I find it horrific when a band creates a tremendous debut, but then their follow up just does not match their previous LP in any way. It often seems like they have lost all creativity they had, and often leads to a break-up!
So, It's a bloody good job that 'Friendly Fires' have done the exact opposite to that, and have created an album that not only matches that of their first attempt, but in many ways it is even better!
For example, the bass line on 'True Love' just made me stop dancing around! It mesmerized me. Whereas I didn't feel like this from their first album. However, they are both similar in the sense, that I couldn't stop dancing to either album.
Just like 'Austra', 'Friendly Fires' have taken a genre that was getting a bit boring quite frankly, and added their own spice to it! Except this time, it's samba drums!
Let me share a secret with you, 'Friendly Fires' are here to stay!

Best Tracks: 'Live Those Days Tonight', 'Hawaiian Air', 'Hurting'
p.s. It says best tracks, but I could have easily also chosen 'Running Away', 'Pala', 'Show Me Lights', 'True Love', 'Pull Me Back To Earth', 'Chimes' or 'Helpless'! Not 'Blue Cassette' though. I didn't like 'Blue Cassette'.


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